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The following is a generic template to be used by the Media Relations, Research & Innovation, Promotions, Local Relations, and Elections Committees when issuing a Press Release.

Before issuing a press release, make sure it falls into one of these categories:

  1. - Timely Is the story something that relates to current events, or breaking news?  Is it being released on the heels of national or statewide news on the same subject; ie., is it localizing a national or regional story?
  2. - Impact How many people in the community will the story impact or affect. How many people are affected by the issue that you think is news?
  3. - Unusual Is there anything out of the ordinary happening? Is there something that will challenge our assumptions or beliefs?
  4. - Currency What are people talking about now! Is the item something that is occurring in current events, or on everyone's lips?
  5. - Prominence Are well-known people or institutions involved?  Do prominent newsmakers, celebrities, politicians, or other high-profile people play a role in the story?
  6. - Proximity Is the news happening in the community or region where you are pitching the story idea?
  7. - Conflict Is there drama, clashes between people and institutions, etc.?

Ideal time for issuing press releases (all Eastern time): 6:00am for a notice of a press conference 9:00am for a press release/news/blog article 12:00pm for the actual press conference 4:00pm last-ditch time for publication



For Immediate Release (or) For Release on <date>


<CITY, PROV> - <date> - This is where you will find the first paragraph of the press release. Within this paragraph it is essential to contain all 5Ws (who, what, when, where, and why it's important). When issuing the press release, make sure all of that information is contained within this paragraph and be sure to use Canadian English for your spelling, and to double-space using either Verdana or Arial font at 12 pt. Although the branding guide uses FreeSans or Free Serif for our font, the media prefers these fonts for media releases.

"In the second paragraph it's essential to quote someone that is connected with the issue of the release," say Shawn Gray, the Strategy Director of the Pirate Party of Canada. You can also use the paragraph to go into a little more depth about the issue itself. This would also be a great place to include the "how", or any fee information. The release needs to contain all the details the reader will need to understand the headline. We've included the final paragraph below.

The Pirate Party of Canada is a federal political party focused on thoughtful information policy reform, genuine democracy, civil liberties, and the freedom of the Internet. You can find out more online at .

-30- (or) ###

Media Contacts: Shawn Vulliez 1-(877) 978-2023


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