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Participation within the Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA) takes many forms as we have several parallel means of communication. This decentralization is a positive thing as our various methods of communication strengthens our community. While communication platforms are contingent, our network will remain.

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This wiki is where the party shares research, ideas, meeting logs and minutes, as well as the designs for flyers, posters, and more. Simple create an account in the top-right corner and you may begin editing. A great place to begin is at The Hook.

In Person

The party seeks to develop an offline and in person presence. Below is a list of current regular and on-going meetings.

Vancouver, BC

Decentral commons - 436 W Pender street - Sundays at 7PM

London, ON

Scot's Corner - 268 Dundas, London, Ontario N6A 1H3 - 1st and 3rd Fridays of every month at 7PM

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