PC 2013-03-17 minutes

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Meeting called to order at 7:30 EST. Meeting held in Canada-pc.

PC Members in attendence: Patrick Fitzgerald, James Wilson, Travis McCrea, Leonard Parker, Adrian Pappas, Robert McGrath, Jimmy Chen


-Motion that we stop doing weekly meetings effective after the adjourning of this meeting and move our discussion and decision making process to an asynchronous system, using the platform loomio. An IRC meeting can be called by email to the political council and 1 weeks notice. Motion adopted after debate and ammendment 4 aye/ 0 nay

-Motion to adopt the following Rules of Order for the Loomio platform:

==Starting a Discussion==
To bring up an idea that you want the group to discuss you must create a discussion.
-The discussion title and description should have neutral wording (e.g. "Voting System To Use" vs "Using Loomio as our Voting System").
/*This allows a specific method of achieving an objective fail, while keeping the discussing going*/
-You should then use the first comment to promote your idea on how we should fix the problem or go forward with your idea to solve for
the objective in the title.
==Making A Proposal==
Proposals are motions regarding the subject of discussion.
-A Proposal should be "on topic", it should be made to address the problem or suggestion which is raised in the title 
of the discussion.
-Your proposal date should have an end date of 7 days (or longer), if we get 100% of the group to vote on 
the proposal then we can close it manually.
-The wording of the proposal should include exactly what you want to do (like a motion) and also provide your reasoning. 
-The system only allows one proposal at a time, if you want to make a proposal to amend the current one, you will 
just need to discuss your ideas amendment and vote against the current proposal.
-When you make a proposal, you must email the group informing everyone that there 
has been a new proposal made, and to check into loomio to vote and discuss.
-Minor amendments like grammar fixes are acceptable without a new vote provided 
they do not change the motion's meaning.
-Each proposal can be voted for using "Yes", "No", "Abstain", or "Block".
--Voting Yes means you agree with the proposal in it's written form.
--Voting No means you disagree with the proposal in it's written form.
--Voting Abtain means you do not feel strongly for or against the proposal, but does count for quorum.
--Voting Block means that you feel very very strongly against the proposal, this should not be used lightly; 
Otherwise counts as a 'No' vote.
-With your vote you can explain why you are voting that way, to help other people see your view point.
-You can update your vote, and when you do it will display in the discussion field, 
again you can expain why you are changing your vote.
==Passing Proposals==
Voting uses basic majority most of the time
-For a vote to meet quorum it must have at least 40% of the group to vote.
-Once we have 100% voter turn out (of the group) or the time expires on the vote, it will close on it's own.
-Most proposals require a 50%+1 approval rating.
-If there is a block used on a proposal than it will add 2 days to the discussion 
--if there is a block serious work should be done to resolve that block. 

Motion adopted after debate and ammendment 5 aye/ 0 nay

-Motion that we accept the volunteer on a month to month basis and assign Travis McCrea to be coordinator of the task. Motion adopted after debate 5 aye/ 0 nay

-Motion to adjourn. Motion carried with 4 aye/ 0 nay