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There are many ways to get started with the Pirate Party of Canada (PPCA).

Contact the PPCA

The Pirate Party of Canada has several active platform waiting for you to join. Our primary hub of contact is instant messaging, you can learn how to use IRC and start talking with other pirates in realtime.

If you want to join the party officially, e-mail us at: ''

If you only need some guidance, e-mail us at: ''

If seek to contact particular individuals within the party, see our Contacts page.

Your community may also be hosting local meetings, find our more on our Participation page.

Volunteer with the PPCA

On the wiki

Want to contribute to the PPCA wiki?

First, you should register an account on this wiki. Once done, you should set up your memberpage. Here's an example.

Your memberpage should include:

  • Your view of the Pirate Party
  • Your abilities and roles
  • Your platform suggestions and values statements
  • Your contact information

Once you've set up your memberpage, e-mail ''; we'll help you get started, for we believe in empowering you and allowing you to represent yourself fully and honestly.

Helpful links

Potential tasks

There are many places to help the PPCA Wiki. Here is a list of things you could do:

In your community

There are several ways for you to help the PPCA in your own backyard. You can:

Learn about the PPCA

Wikipedia is a great source of information about the Pirate Party of Canada. You might also be interested in learning about Pirate Parties International and The Pirate Movement.

Otherwise, you can see the unofficial history on our Pirate Party of Canada page.

PPCA ideals

You can learn about what the party believes on the Manifesto page.

Generally, the Pirate Party of Canada permits individuals to hold on to their independant beliefs and ideals. If you want to contribute to the Party's mission statement or ideals, you can! Check our public policy proposal page:

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