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>#canada< GM scheduled in 5. /msg trailblazer for voice
* RLim gives voice to RLim
<MononcQc> but I did!
* MononcQc shakes fist
<phillipsjk> er RLim i guess
* RLim gives voice to MHoude
* Disconnected ().
* Now talking on #canada
* Topic for #canada is:  Pirate Party of Canada - GM agenda: . For visitors who wants to ask question, allow 5-15 minutes for someone to answer on IRC. You can also post a question at our subreddit /r/piratepartyofcanada
* Topic for #canada set by phillipsjk! at Wed Feb 19 17:54:27 2014
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to phillipsjk
<MononcQc> hi
* RLim gives voice to Infovorr
<RLim> oo no quorum so far
<phillipsjk> replaced wireless bridge with cord.
<RLim> did we post on FB?
<Wilson> yup, a week before and then this morning
<Wilson> and its pinned
* RLim gives voice to mordecai
<MononcQc> what's the exact amount for quorum again?
<Wilson> 15 atm
* RLim gives voice to CraigNobbs
<Infovorr> We're looking to cut it down to 10, though.
* RLim gives voice to phillipsjk
<RLim> there's 10 right now once psema4 and Wilson verify
<Wilson> I've sent my verification multiple times
<RLim> to RLim?
<RLim> Sorry I did a nick change
<RLim> :P
<MHoude> From underground internet handle to political secretary
<Infovorr> Going mainstream.
* RLim gives voice to Wilson
* RLim gives voice to psema4
<RLim> heh
<RLim> 5 more
<RLim> let me sent out another tweet
<Wilson> I love how the original advice in RRoO for establishing a quorum number is "the number of people who can arrive by carraige when the weather is not inclement."
<RLim> ping drew drew2 Vitriohl XFaCE 
<RLim> not sure who else are members
<RLim> lol
<RLim> is that version 1 :P
* oxpirate2 ( has joined #canada
<RLim> hey oxpirate2 
<RLim> how are you?
<oxpirate2> Decent. At work. You? 
<RLim> good
<RLim> having a meeting. do you want to sign in?
<RLim> need 5 more for quorum
<oxpirate2> Want to disconnect oxpirate? I left irc on on my laptop. 
<RLim> don't have to. just /msg your e-mail and I'll e-mail you the verification code
<RLim> The one week notice seems to have effect on quorum
<RLim> if mailout does not go out in one week before the meeting, we tend to have lower turnout. People do plan for a week I guess
<oxpirate2> RLim: pm? 
<mordecai> I dunno, it's pretty much always a low turn out. 
<Wilson> hence why quorum is getting lowered (although I think it is still higher than parliament's)
<MHoude> Really? Parliament has a quorum less than 10?
<Wilson> 9 I think, definitely not more than 20
<RLim> you mean Canadian Parliament's quorum is less than 10?
<RLim> out of?
<phillipsjk> 308
<mordecai> Yeah, 10 would be a good quorum for the turnout we tend to get on here.
* RLim gives voice to oxpirate2
<RLim> what a bunch of slackers :)
<phillipsjk> The constitution I am looking at does not say much about the composition of the EB.
<Wilson> check under 'officers'
<RLim> 4 more
<RLim> phone a friend :)
<mordecai> None of my friends are pirates :(
<Wilson> I brought in ox that way  :)
<mordecai> hahaa, yeah I keep trying to recruit them. Sooner or later they will just give in if I keep harassing them enough.
<Wilson> thats the spirit
<phillipsjk> The is an elections section for the PB, but not EB.
<phillipsjk> *PC
<phillipsjk> OK, Thanks.
* seaside (webchat@200.32.lgq.w) has joined #canada
<seaside> John Tibbs here
<phillipsjk> Greetings, /msg Rlim for voice
<Wilson> Hey Mr. Tibbs  pm RLim your email address to confirm membership
<Wilson> too slow phillip
<phillipsjk> My client thinks I was first :P
<Wilson> lol
* webchat_1845 (webchat@66.49.nrs.oym) has joined #canada
<seaside> Just viewing from Belize, we are trying to setup a Belize chapter...have any good resources or documentation so we can get started down her
<seaside> here
<RLim> glad to hear it seaside. you can check out our website or
<RLim> also
<seaside> send to
* gregeh ( has joined #canada
* dysonsphere (~dysonsphe@66.49.nrs.oym) has joined #canada
<RLim> members please pm me with your e-mail to get vocied
<RLim> *voiced
<Wilson> hey dyson
* patcon has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
<dysonsphere> hi. sorry I'm late. coaching my son's hockey game
<RLim> since I am waiting Wilson do you have our Ottawa's candidates e-mail
<RLim> I still ahve to add him to candidates mailing list
<RLim> and one other person I think
<Wilson> I believe I sent it to you but I'll pm it again
* patcon ( has joined #canada
<RLim> hi gregeh 
* RLim gives voice to dysonsphere
<seaside> I see your policy is on drugs... we are trying to focus on improving internet infrastructure with minimal damage to the existing environment in the Caribbean i.e. islands wildlife preservation etc.... 
<RLim> 3 more to go
<phillipsjk> is CCitizen actually awake?
<Wilson> thats why its 3
<Wilson> otherwise it'd be 2
<MononcQc> so close.
<RLim> oh should we count CCitizen 
<RLim> ?
<seaside> you guys should come to the seaside guesthouse in Belize city to check it out and have a fun vacation.  Exchange rate is roughly 1/2...
<RLim> I guess he have to at least say something :)
<seaside> and the beer is pretty on point google Belikin Stout
<phillipsjk> seside it you don't like our platform, there are other chapters:
<JBJblaze> Back
<seaside> No you have a good drug policy.  I meant I see your policy on drugs.  It is important given the TPP etc.
<phillipsjk> dammit, it has been almost an hour again :P
<Wilson> hence the quorum ammendment: we would have been good to go at 10 after
<phillipsjk> I think we need quorum to implement that though.
<RLim> hey JBJblaze 
<RLim> pm me with your e-mail to voice. Need 3 more for quorum
<JBJblaze> Ok
<RLim> if we get quorum soon. What item should we try to do first
<RLim> ?
<phillipsjk> Try again in 1 week?
<JBJblaze> Oh, so what exactly is Pirate Party for?
<phillipsjk> Basically Internet freedom, which directly translates into "real" freedom as the Internet becomes ubiquitous.
<Wilson> Given the situation we are in I'd go for voting on the quorum ammendment since it literally makes everything else easier to get to in the future.
<dysonsphere> i second wilson's suggestion
<Infovorr> I'd definitely say the quorum amendment's the biggest issue right now.
<RLim> agree
<JBJblaze> Ok, sent it
<JBJblaze> I think
<Wilson> MP freedom, fundamental freedoms, internet freedoms, free market freedoms (copyright and patent reform). So basically freedom.
* RLim gives voice to JBJblaze
<JBJblaze> Yay :D
<RLim> 2 more
<JBJblaze> Oh, may I link to this related Steam Group I've been working on?
<RLim> sure
<JBJblaze> Awesome
<JBJblaze> There.
<JBJblaze> Basically promotes legit and safe torrents.
<RLim> cool
<Wilson> k, messaged all the members I stay in contact with.
<phillipsjk> Any ideas on how to proceed with th quorum thing? Can we do an all-party ballot without quorum?
<JBJblaze> Do you have Steam, RLim?
<dysonsphere> nice JBJblaze, just joined
<Infovorr> I'd second a ballot.
<Wilson> You'd have to check but I think only the GM can authorize an all-party ballot
<JBJblaze> Thanks Dyson!
<JBJblaze> If I can get the group more active, I'd appreciate the help! :D
<seaside> If we can form a pirate party in the Caribbean, We would be the Pirates of the Caribbean- food for thought before i sign off.  Thanks for the info and have a great evening.
<phillipsjk> Looks like the constitution defers to the RRO for that.
<RLim> good luck seaside 
* seaside has quit (Quit: Web client closed)
<Wilson> Assuming we don't get quorum tonight we can't put off this meeting for a month; we need a closer date. When is a good date for everyone? I've still got time so I'm not going to call this meeting till I have to (but of course I defer to the Chair)
<RLim> A week's time
<RLim> next Wednesday?
<Infovorr> Sounds good.
<RLim> I'll sent out an e-mail tonight
<phillipsjk> I think it good practice to call it within the hour, so the times are reasonably predictable.
<chadkoh> ˜ext Wed is doable by me
<phillipsjk> all the people that can't make Wednesday won't be here :)
<mordecai> I have a paper to write, but I can take an hour to be here.
<phillipsjk> Seeing no other suggestions, Wednesday February 26 and 8:00pm Eastern it is.
<RLim> or you can idle too mordecai 
<RLim> after the hour
<mordecai> yeah, sounds good
<RLim> Just realized I kind of screwed up on the notice
<mordecai> also, we should start the process of voicing maybe half an hour before the meeting if we can.
<RLim> February 19 (Thursday)
<MHoude> Second mordecai
<RLim> so if anyone showed up tomorrow. That's that
<RLim> ok
<phillipsjk> That you for coming everybody. I think I am going to call the meeting.
<phillipsjk> RLim: didn't notice that myself.
<RLim> I'll try to be here 30 minutes before. Start bugging me at that time
<CraigNobbs> ok, so the meeting is being pushed to next wednesday due to lack of quorum then?
<mordecai> will do :)
<Wilson> k, I will hopefully see you all next wednesday then.
<mordecai> correct
<dysonsphere> ok. so feb 26 at 8pm. see you then.
<CraigNobbs> I'll mark it on my calendar
<MHoude> Good night
<Wilson> Ric, remember to send a mailout with the new date. I will get the facebook message.
>#canada< meeting delayed until February 26, 8:00pm Eastern.
<Wilson> (the correct new date)  ;P
<dysonsphere> good night, till next week.
<oxpirate2> Hooray productivity!