Executive Board Election 2013

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ccdd7f4068aa5e212c970a26e819608b McCreaT NobbsC LimR

247fc2cae72f3048d7ea229bf2c1be8d McCreaT HendersonS LimR

77c24eb0125700e01f4a8fe89f0cccb0 McCreaT PhillipsJ LimR

75aa037c9c2a465d1b8e01653e301180 NobbsC NobbsC LimR

bc7b9d703fd14b8be813df8d5208b66c WilsonJ HendersonS LimR


2f1030ca6a21a93219fb5df6285b220f McCreaT PhillipsJ MaleV

60e073875cbba0a821930de32b13dd32 McCreaT PhillipsJ Abstain

07bc89eef9293e23962ec68be3bf7cf8 McCreaT NobbsC LimR

f6e124e5f9fc23bca57b155889863648 WilsonJ NobbsC LimR

afd65e028e0762e501d40002cafeb191 WilsonJ PhillipsJ LimR

6ce17734824d0d34fee79c0a8dbd30b1 WilsonJ HendersonS LimR

54e18f1102809d28eb672f04274637f6 McCreaT HendersonS LimR

Preliminary Results

Leader (7 Votes): Travis McCrea

Deputy Leader (4 Votes): James Wilson

Secretary (10 Votes): Ric Lim

We also have a three way tie for President between Steve Henderson, Craig Nobbsand James Phillips. Given this usual result there are a number of ways this can be dealt with in the following order.

1) The candidates come to an agreement and present it to the General Meeting on March 20th, 2013 where the GM can accept or reject the agreement.

2) The General Meeting on March 20th can hold a tiebreaker vote during the meeting.

3) We can re-run the Presidental Election. This would be the least favorite idea as the IT team has been waiting on the results of the election to start working on migrating to a new site/host.