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In keeping with the spirit of openness in its platform, the Pirate Party makes its identity documents freely available in open-source formats. All Pirate Party logos and documents use fonts from the FreeFont family: FreeSans in the logo and document headers, and FreeSerif in body text.

A complete branding guide is in the works. In the meantime, please use common sense and good taste when using this media.



Please bear in mind that, while your use of these files is not restricted by copyright, our logos are still protected by trademark laws. This means that, while you are free to use, modify, and distribute these works, you may not use them in a manner that implies Pirate Party association or endorsement without prior permission.

Furthermore, while derivative works are encouraged, please treat our identity with respect: don't apply "cool" Photoshop filters, don't rotate or "improve" it for its own sake, and don't modify, adjust, or remove elements that you don't like. Our identity is professionally-designed. If you have the skills to make it better, please head over to our forum and offer to help. Don't unilaterally fix what ain't broke.

Official Colour

On April 19th, 2012, the Pirate Party of Canada adopted purple, hex code #572B85, as the official colour of the party. If colour is required in Pantone, please use #267 as it is the closest match. Any advertising, informational materials, or affiliate sites should incorporate this colour as the primary colour of advertisement.



Logo en.svg

Logo fr.svg


Logo on Dark

Logo ondark.svg

Logo ondark en.svg

Logo ondark fr.svg

PPCA ship.svg

PPCA otherlogo.png (adopted April 19th, 2012)


QRcode (2D barcode) linking to the PPCA website. You can add this to print media like posters and so forth, and people will be able to use mobile devices to find the site post haste. Click for full-size.

Linked to (English):


SVG version

Linked to (French):


SVG version